Announcing Work/Artwork

Published on Feb 2, 2022 by Arpad Ray

I'm very pleased to announce Work/Artwork an experimental project by Repography in collaboration with four amazing generative artists.

Using the same analysis of your repo's Git history, we challenged the artists to capture the essence of a repo however they wished. The result is four strikingly different, abstract designs. Real works of art which you would be proud to have on your wall.

Each printed is mounted in a premium frame selected by the artist, and is available at $340 excluding shipping and tax. A third of the profit of all sales goes to good causes.

A visualisation of how Christoph Grünberger's 'Git_Icon' design calculates its strokes
'Git_Icon' by the German designer Christoph Grünberger expresses the activity of the repo in bold vector strokes. Each file in the repo contributes to a 3D shape which is then intersected with a grid to determine the strokes.
'Blossom' by Amelie Maia
'Blossom' by Amelie Maia

English artist Amelie Maia took inspiration from traditional Japanese art to generate a unique Cherry Blossom tree.

Everything from the form and scale of the tree, the placement of the leaves and the atmosphere of the scene is procedurally generated. There are also three colour schemes to choose from each providing a slightly different feel to the piece.

Detail of Lin Yi-Wen's 'Mountain' design
Detail of Lin Yi-Wen's 'Mountain' design
'Mountain' by Lin Yi-Wen imagines the repo as a physical space and renders a 3D topographical map on a sleek, black poster.

The top contributors to the repo are listed underneath, like a memorial to the project it represents.

'A Space Interrupted' by Brendan Dawes
'A Space Interrupted' by Brendan Dawes

Brendan Dawes is an internationally celebrated generative artist. In his design 'A Space Interrupted', a blank space the starting point of any project becomes punctuated with black type, their forms scaled by the activity of the repository.

Work/Artwork is live now, and like Repography you can see the designs in action on one of our featured Open Source repos, or render an artwork for your own repo using our command line script. Click here to see more!

What is Repography?

Repography is a web app which creates data visualizations for your Git repos. You can use our command line script to try out Repography on any Git repo, or install our GitHub app.

Our dashboards are kept up-to-date automatically and are designed to be embedded in your
Our dashboards are kept up-to-date automatically and are designed to be embedded in your
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Our posters are available for purchase both as downloads ($5) and as framed prints (from $109).

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