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Some more interesting aspects to SVG images

Published on June 1, 2022 by Arpad Ray

A few things I've found about about SVG the hard way

GitHub dashboards v2

Published on Apr 22, 2022 by Arpad Ray

A significant update to our GitHub dashboards.

How to take credit for someone else's work on GitHub

Published on Feb 26, 2022 by Arpad Ray

A bizarre flaw in how GitHub attributes commits

Happy birthday Alacritty!

Published on Feb 21, 2022 by Arpad Ray

The sixth birthday of the world's fastest terminal emulator 🥳

The Go language's first commit (1972)

Published on Feb 14, 2022 by Arpad Ray

A fun easter egg hiding in Go's Git repo

How to embed a live dashboard in your GitHub README.md

Published on Feb 6, 2022 by Arpad Ray

Add a graphical dashboard of recent activity, top contributors or file structure to level-up your README.md

Announcing Work/Artwork

Published on Feb 2, 2022 by Arpad Ray

Four artistic interpretations of your Git repo

The making of Repography

Published on Feb 1, 2022 by Arpad Ray

An overview of our tech stack.

Rust in 30 seconds

Published on Jan 31, 2022 by Arpad Ray

Over 100,000 Git commits to the rust-lang/rust repo visualized in a 30 second video.