Can you create a video or something bespoke for my project?

We're working on making videos available to all our users, you can subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when this and other exciting features are launched.

If you're interested in a bespoke order please get in touch via email for a quote: [email protected]

Why does the output for my repo look so different from the others?

There's an enormous variety in Git repos, from a few commits by a single contributor, to hundreds of thousands of commits by thousands of contributors. We've tried hard to make our designs accommodate most of this range and we're always trying to improve this.

Why doesn't my repo work?

Some repos are just too large for us to handle right now, in other cases you might have run into a bug or there was just too much demand on our servers. We're actively working on Repography and we do monitor errors so hopefully next time you try it will work fine.


Why does GitHub say the app needs access to "Act on your behalf"?

Some GitHub apps have access to take actions on behalf of users, but Repography doesn't. We only require read access (i.e. we can't change anything) except the ability to add a webhook to keep your dashboards up to date. We've made a deliberate choice to prioritize security and to request the fewest permissions possible.

When you install the Repography on your repositories (the step after subscribing to a plan on the GitHub marketplace) you'll see exactly what permissions we request, and we have no way of changing these without your consent.

However GitHub still shows the alarming "Act on your behalf" warning for all GitHub apps, regardless of the permissions which have been requested. This is (badly) described in the GitHub docs.

What data do you use from my GitHub repo to create the graphics?

The Repography app analyses your commit history, issues and contributors.

Why does Repography require a GitHub app subscription?

GitHub Apps like Repography use a fine grained permissions model which means we can be very precise about the access we ask for.

There is another way of authenticating with GitHub (OAuth) which doesn't require a subscription as a GitHub app, but that would give us far more access than we need or want. Therefore in the interest of security we only support installation as a GitHub app.

If you're not ready to install the app on GitHub, you can try Repography using our featured Open Source repos or using our command line script.


How often will my dashboard be updated?

We use a webhook to render the dashboard every time there's activity on your repo, like pushing commits or commenting on an issue.

How do you calculate the ranking of contributors in the "Top Contributors" dashboard?

We consider the quantity and size of commits, and also issue activity (comments, status changes etc.).

Can I embed the dashboard elsewhere than GitHub?

Yes! The embed code you copy from the dashboard page is in Markdown format so it's perfect for your on GitHub, but it should also work fine anywhere else markdown is supported.


How long does it take to receive an item after purchase?

Downloads should be available within a few minutes, we'll email you a link as soon as they're ready.

Other items are usually shipped within a few business days, and then it depends where it's being delivered to. Where possible we'll email you a tracking link so you can keep an eye on the progress of your order.

Are there other styles of frames available?

At the moment we only offer the one style but we're hoping to expand this in the future. If there's something in particular you'd like then please get in touch.

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